Soap Box.         

We love getting on our soap box to talk about HR..

"High energy, thought provoking presentation"​ 
Ben Leach, Swinton Technology

"Busted some good myths. Thought provoking, very well delivered"
Toni Eastwood OBE, Beyond 2030 Ltd

​"Has made me totally rethink several aspects of our business and has woken me up to not take our culture for granted"
Richard Monaghan, Papakata

"Thought provoking and insightful"
Paul Bedwell, Spawforths

"Helped the group have some real light bulb moments"
Sarah Littlewood, Garbutt & Elliott

"Engaging and enthusiastic presenter"
Mark Godfrey, Softronics Ltd

"Fantastic!  Lots of new ideas to take away and plenty to think about"
Chloe Owens, Garbutt & Elliott

Look what people have been saying about us.

 Here's a taster of what we can
deliver for your business...

"Leading a Multi-Generational Workforce into the future"

This session dispels some of the myths and explores the real issues facing businesses today. Participants will come away with ideas on what they can do in their business to get the best from their multi-generational workforce.
"Vital strategies for managing organisational change"

Having had extensive experience of leading large scale change programmes across financial services, Kirsty shares her learnings and challenges the way change is managed across many organisations, providing some essential tips that will help any business owner or HR practitioner. 
"Putting the Human back into Human Resources"

A lot of us talk about it, but what does this actually mean? A very honest session where Kirsty shares her experience of working with organisations who have put this into practice and seen a positive impact on business results. Participants will come away with ideas on what they can implement in their business to improve motivation and productivity. Here's a debrief after one of our masterclasses with the Yorkshire Leadership Group.


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