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      What makes us different.  


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We tackle typical HR challenges in a non-typical way to get fresh results.
We don't just solve problems; we open your eyes to new possibilities.

We don't see people as a herd; we treat them as adults, individuals and human beings.

We don't quote policy; we help you navigate around it to ensure you get the best outcome.

We have no room for elephants; we tell it how it is, and cut through complexity.

We don’t do jargon; we have a logical, down to earth approach.

Less is definitely more.


CutTheMustard HR is a Yorkshire HR Consultancy based in York. Our founder, Kirsty Robinson established the business from her experience of working more than 15 years in senior HR roles within financial services, professional services and the public sector.  The company was set up to deliver a fresh, new approach to HR; one that proved to deliver significant business results.

By creating positive employee experiences, treating people as adults and individuals, and taking a pragmatic, commercial approach, we have seen the positive difference HR can make. These principles are what makes us different and underpin everything we do.

We genuinely believe that we have a unique, fresh approach to HR that can help businesses of all sizes from SME's to large corporates. Our mission; to help businesses reach high standards, exceed expectations and, essentially, to cut the mustard.


  A wealth of industry experience.

Kirsty Robinson 
Founder and Director of CutTheMustard HR
One of the many benefits of being born and bred in Yorkshire is the ability to just 'tell it how it is' and cut through complexity. These qualities have always been highly regarded in HR and have served me well in my career to date!
My HR experience spans over 15 years, progressing from HR Business Partner to Director. Like many others working in the corporate world, I often found myself moaning about HR and its lack of impact, so it was only fair that I got off my soap box and did something about it!

During my career I got to understand what makes great HR and made it my mission to build a strong toolkit of HR resources that I could deploy to help transform organisations of all sizes. My CIPD, ICF, NLP, MBTI and SHL qualifications have meant that I have exposure to tools that have significantly transformed traditional approaches to change management, recruitment, leadership development and talent management.
Putting the 'human' back into HR and using my expertise to support local businesses is what really drives me. Lets face it, HR can be really overwhelming, so the importance of going into a business to solve its immediate challenges and make it self sufficient in solving or preventing future challenges, is vital and where I can really add value. This is what CutTheMustard HR is all about.​​

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